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My paintings are a 2-D interpretation of travel experiences, musical tastes and in general, things that inspire me.  I graduated from Auburn University’s School of Architecture in 1996 and credit a summer abroad trip to Norway in 1995 and a painting seminar that same year with renowned watercolor artist David Braly for developing a true love of painting and defining the techniques and process that I use to create art.  I use acrylic paint mixed with a heavy body gel medium, which gives the paint a prolonged drying time and a texture that allows me to create relief on the canvas.  You will find that most of my recent pieces are developed from travel sketches to places like Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Norway, Denmark and Hungary, recalling not only the subject matter, but also the mood and feelings experienced.  Observers often say they “can hear the music and see the movement” in my paintings with the subject matter reminding them of their own travels, stories and experiences.  Last year, in August of 2013, I had the honor of attending an artist symposium in Hungary through the Birmingham Sister Cities program.  I had the great fortune of being invited back for a solo gallery exhibit in August of 2014.  Expect to see new pieces in my style that is always being modified and challenged.  PLUS, I have started a new art collaboration with photographer, Ginnard Arachibald...exciting stuff!  Click the link in the header to see those pieces!  Enjoy the site, and thank you for dropping in.  

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